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Snow Snake

Beginning April 13, 2023

Wild Mountain

Beginning June 6, 2023

Andes Tower Hills

Beginning Mid-August 2023

Granite Peak

Beginning Mid-August 2023


Beginning Mid-August 2023

Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Beginning October 2023

Demo Course

Limited Guest Access

Patroller Academy offers easier learning and teaching experience for members of the National Ski Patrol. Offering video lectures for all chapters taught by an award-winning instructor with over 30 years of experience in prehospital emergency education, Patroller Academy can help provide a more standardized program.
  • 34 Chapter Videos
  • Objective and PowerPoint Handouts for all lectures
  • Over 130 Skills videos
  • Standardized training across all resorts
  • Lesson Plans For Classroom Instructors
  • Gamification Opportunities for the Classroom.

    Participation in this class is limited to members and candidates of the National Ski Patrol, and as such all candidates must enroll in the NSP and a NSP Course to receive the national accreditation exam. We are providing a much more standardized, comprehensive educational program for Ski, Bike and adventure resorts throughout the country.

    All hands on classes are coordinated by a local Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor to provide students ample opportunity to put the skills into hands on practice.

    We do charge $100 per student to offset the cost of hosting services and product development. This is in addition to NSP dues and NSP class fees. Students are given access until December 31st of the following year to ensure that they will have access to the videos to help them through their first season and OEC refresher.

    We have been running this online program at many ski hills around the country for the last 5 years and have a near 100% success rate (there were two students that never watched the videos or read the book. . . guess what happened.)

    If you would like a video conference demo, please contact me at I can show you how our entire program can help you and your students.

    I look forward to working with you to make your program successful.